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1st Visit

New to Immanuel?

We understand that everyone has a FIRST TIME at Immanuel, we want yours to be one that is warmly welcoming. Here are some answers to a few questions that may help:


Where Should I Park? 

Parking for visitors is available in our main parking lot south of the church building . if the parking lot is full , street parking is available. We ask that you be considerate of neighbors by not blocking driveways.


What Should I Wear?

We are a diverse congregation and you will see that in the way we dress. So be comfortable and be “you”. There is no dress code at Immanuel however many choose to put on their “Sunday Best” for worship. Our only request? Out of respect for others, please dress in a way that is appropriate for a Sunday morning rather than a Friday night.


What does it mean to be Lutheran? 


Should I give at the offering?

This is an opportunity in our service for us to be able to give back to God out of what He has first given to us. We do not expect visitors to participate unless they too are moved to express thankfulness to God for what He has done.


What about Child Care? 

We do not provide regularly scheduled child care during the service, however we do provide a well equipped NURSERY PLAYROOM, connected to the sanctuary with a large window and audio system to keep you in the service while caring for your little one . In the playroom your child can make joyful noise, play or sleep.


Do you have something for my kids?

We have KID’s Message during our Worship service.


How will I be able to participate in the service?

The order of service is easy to follow from overhead directions displayed at the front of the church. You will be asked to stand or sit by the pastor conducting the service.


Other Questions?

We’d be happy to answer your other questions. Please contact us at 403-845-2063 or send us an email at: 

We look forward to seeing you at worship!

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